Mod absence (rl update) 12 Days challenge


Okay this might be TMI, but I wanted people to know that my love and commitment for the comm hasn’t wavered, but rather my rl has taken precedence.

A brief update: for those that don’t know my mom’s been aggressively fighting lung cancer with Chemo/radiation since August. Unfortunately it’s not the old adage of: no news is good news. On Oct 23th we got the results of mom’s PET scan sadly the chemo/radiation was minimal help and the cancer has spread into her bones. Worse is the timeline, maybe a couple of months - I honestly thought we’d have more time. Last Saturday she was admitted into hospice. To say it’s been difficult would be an understatement!

Outside of work I spend every moment I can with her, and I can’t tell you how much I hate that I have to work.

Anyhoo let me get to the main purpose of this post, I wanted you guys to know my love of fandom hasn’t slipped but why I have been silent and as I go through this it’s more than likely I will continue to be quiet on the fandom front. This brings me to the upcoming challenge of 12 Days – I serious doubt I’ll be involved, have the energy or a clear mind to run it.

That said, this doesn’t mean you can’t have it- however I don’t want to dump things on dollarformyname and add more work to her plate – As a group if the majority of you want to have/participate in 12 Days, please throw in your hat and let your voice be heard – let dollarformyname know… I’ll still around, but my activity level will be like it is now nearly nonexistent. When I can I will work on tags, but that’s probably all I’ll do.

I know that everyone here loves DA and there's a core group that participates - since I'm giving you all a early heads-up maybe that'll give a few of you more time that you could participate...

(Sorry for the near identical x-post to both groups of slashing_lorne & jam_pony_fic too lazy/tired and rushed to write this up twice)